How Ontopo Benefits the Restaurant Industry

Ontop is a platform that helps clients onboard, manage and pay their global teams. It offers global hiring, instant payments and tax compliance.

Founded in 2020, Ontop helps companies hire international teams quickly and efficiently. It also provides a variety of auxiliary services.

1. Increased productivity

Productivity is the ability to complete tasks, achieve goals and deliver results. It can be difficult to achieve this when there are so many things on your plate, but if you take the time to focus on a specific task and commit to its completion, you can make a huge difference.

Danny Glikman (41) and his three brothers Nir, Roni and Tal Glikman founded ontopo, a restaurant reservation platform, to address the 12% of cancellations made by customers in Israel, which resulted in lost business for restaurants. Their solution allowed them to create a marketplace for reservations, and their customers could use the system anywhere they had access to a computer or smartphone. The company now has more than 100 restaurants around the world that have signed up for its services.

2. Reduced costs

In the restaurant industry, manpower can be a scarce resource. The most efficient way to handle reservations is through online reservation systems that allow customers to make bookings in real time, thus freeing up valuable staff for other duties. Ontopo’s system uses the latest in cloud-based technology to offer restaurants a competitive edge, while the company itself is the epitome of a family-run enterprise. The four Glikman brothers – Nir, Tal, Danny and Roni – started the venture in 2015 after years of working for a variety of companies, including a few in their native port cities of Haifa, Eilat and Kiryat Yam. The company has achieved a number of feats, but the most significant is the creation of a unique product that is both the most effective and most cost-efficient way to take card payments over the phone.

3. Increased flexibility

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5. Improved customer service

Ontopo is a company that has helped restaurant owners in Israel by reducing the number of customers who cancel their reservations without prior notice. They do this by building a website that shows the customer if there is room available at a restaurant, and then allows them to book it independently.

Ontopo began in 2015 by creating temporary creative centers of engagement for artists at sacred sites where speculative experiences and artistic experimentation help participants tune into their relationships to land, past and present. These curated retreats take place over 3 – 5 days and ask participating artists to create site specific works or performances that interpret natural surroundings. These retreats center on reciprocal appreciation, ritual exploration, cultural exchange and ceremonial remixing. The result is a deepened understanding of human connections to land and the sacred.